Cargo Tie Down

This is a sample video of how  to tie down the tires to the dolly.

Bluetooth Brake Controller

Torsion Axles

How to Flat-Tow Your Ford F-150 | Ford How-To | Ford

Trailer Wiring

Trailer Wiring

Breakaway Wiring

Breakaway Wiring
Breakaway Kit without a Built-in Charger
Breakaway kits without battery chargers require three connections.
Remember to periodically remove the battery from the box to charge it, or replace it accordingly.
Splice one of the two wires coming out of the breakaway switch into the trailer brake wire running from the trailer connector to the brakes.

Connect the second wire coming out of the switch to the brake wire (blue) coming out of the battery box.
This connection will send power to the breakaway switch.

NOTE: Both wires on the breakaway switch are interchangeable.
Splice the white wire coming out of the battery box into the existing ground wire (usually white) running from the trailer connector to the trailer, or screw the white wire directly to the trailer frame.

Tow Dolly Instructions

Safety alert symbol - This safety alert symbol precedes all the safety messages in these instructions. Safety messages alert you to possible hazards and instruct you on how to avoid or reduce the risk of injury.

READ and FOLLOW all of these instructions and safety messages before operating the tow dolly. DEATH, DISMEMBERMENT or SERIOUS INJURY to you, your passengers, and others on the road may result if you do not follow these instructions. Make sure all drivers read and understand all these instructions.

See the Connecting Your Tow Dolly section for tow dolly hook up instructions. We can assist if you require assistance. Or, for a video go to:

Download and print the full guide: English 

Disconnecting the Axle

Disconnecting The Axle

Locate the drive shaft(s). Find where the drive shaft connects to the differential you want disconnected. Find the u-joint and on the end of that, the yoke, where four bolts can be found that hold the drive shaft to the differential housing.

Full Details  here!

Jackknifing of your tow dolly


If you find your tow dolly jackknifing every time to turn a corner, even if you went only 5 km an hour and your dolly still tries to jackknife, well the problem is a simple fix.

There is an adjustment nut on your coupler you must loose a 1/2 turn or more, because the coupler is binding with your ball.

We would like to thank Kim, our customer for finding this problem

How To | Ajust A 2" Coupler

Drive Shaft Disconnect


Side View

Side View of dolly with bike and car
To Scale
trailer documents


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