Using A Tow Dolly

Jeep on tow dolly

Our Tow Dolly?

Do they come with brakes?

  • Yes! they are electric brakes.

Does your dolly come with a swivel pan? 

  • NO! we don't believe or trust this form of construction, second, this is someone else's design.

Is there a limit to how much your dolly can carry?

  • Common sense, Yes! the axle rating is 3500 lbs and the dolly is around 470 lbs., so you are safe to have a cargo weight of 3000 lbs.

Does your dolly have a serial number? 

  • YES! we have our NSM AND WMI which we are approved by Transport Canada.

Do you ship to the USA?

  • NO

Is shipping included in your price for a dolly?

  • NO

Is there a warranty on your dolly?

  • We warranty that the dolly is built as best as one can, but once it is delivered we have no control over how it is used, or known if our clients have the where for all to properly use a tow dolly, so NO! there is no warranty once the customer uses our dolly.



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